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A local motorcycle club is making Christmas a reality for kids this year they otherwise would not have

by: Frances LinAJ Davidson

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A local motorcycle club is making Christmas a reality for kids this year they otherwise would not have had one due to their families financial struggles.

“I’m really overwhelmed,” said Toni Woods, a mother who received Christmas presents, “it was really hard here for us when we lost our dad in March.”

Woods was struggling to provide a normal Christmas for her kids this year, “the COVID hit, and he got laid off, it’s just been a lot this year, and we had a newborn, and the recovery from that was a nightmare. It’s just been a lot to take on this year,” Woods said.

But thankfully, motorcycle group B.A.D.D. Cruisin Crew is providing Christmas presents for the kids.

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“It is an amazing and humbling experience, it’s an incredible blessing to be able to help our community, there’s just nothing else like it. It touches our hearts, it touches parents’ hearts, and the children’s faces are just unforgettable,” said Mandy Weaver, a member of B.A.D.D. Cruisin Crew.

“It means a lot because they wouldn’t have gotten Christmas without you guys,” Woods said.

Weaver said this is the fourth family they’ve helped so far, “we always get the children toys. But if there’s a specific need on their lists such as a coat or shoes, we also always provide that as well.”

She said the gifts are specific to each family and kid, “we actually get a list from the parents of the children’s sizes, any specific needs for clothing, shoes, coats, and we also get their likes on what kind of toys they like. Their age, favorite color.”

And the reaction the group receives makes it all worth it.

“Thank you guys so much,” said Woods.

The group raises money through a fundraiser called easter keg hunt coming up in April.

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