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Hundreds of mourners have gathered at the funeral of former Rebels president Nick Martin, who was gunned down earlier this month in front of onlookers

By Jessica Warriner and Nicolas Perpitch

Hundreds of mourners have gathered at the funeral of former Rebels president Nick Martin, who was gunned down earlier this month in front of onlookers at the Perth Motorplex.

The deafening sound of motorbikes revving filled the air outside a funeral home in North Perth as bikies took to the road to farewell Martin.

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The majority of attendees wore patched Rebels colours, as police patrolled the street.

Police had warned the public to stay clear of the area, with traffic disruptions from the motorcade expected on Scarborough Beach Road, where the funeral was being held, and West Coast Highway.

A coffin, printed with $100 bills, sits next to a man on a Harley.
Nick Martin’s coffin was covered in pictures of $100 bills.(ABC News: Jessica Warriner)

Leading the procession from the funeral home was Martin’s coffin, decorated with pictures of $100 notes and placed on a specially made motorbike side car.

The confederate flag flew on a pole at the back of the coffin.

Men on bikes gesture at each other on the road in front of police cars.
There was a large police presence at the funeral of the former Rebels president.(ABC News: Jess Warriner)

It was followed by a black hearse and limousines, some carrying Martin’s family, and then a long stream of bikers, forming an honour guard.

Police on motorbikes escorted them from the front and the rear, while the police helicopter flew overhead.

A man on a Harley rides in front of the coffin, with dozens of bikies riding behind it.
Martin’s coffin was followed by several hearses and a stream of motorbikes.(ABC News: Andrew O’Connor)

Police had estimated about 150 to 200 bikies would join the procession.

Scores of people waited along West Coast Highway to watch as the riders went by.

A man in a red singlet stands talking to another man who is wearing a bikie jacket.
Nick Martin’s murder sparked concerns from police about bikie violence and possible retaliations.(ABC News)

Attack ‘underhanded and cowardly’, mourners told

The procession arrived at the Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park where more people gathered for the service. 

A heavily tattooed woman sits on the back of a bike at Rebels bikie boss Nick Martin's funeral.
Police had estimated up to 200 bikies would join the funeral procession.(ABC News: Jessica Warriner)

Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower played as Martin’s coffin was brought in under a marquee for the service, with bikers taking turns to walk up and touch it.

MC for the occasion, Verity James, told the crowd Martin’s life was “brutally stolen from him” in an “underhanded and cowardly” attack.

Martin’s sister, Rene Martin, told mourners he loved his daughter “more than life itself”.

A motorbike in front of hearse at Nick Martin funeral. a blue and red confederate flag is flying.
The funeral took place 10 days after Martin’s death.(ABC News: Jessica Warriner)

Martin’s murder, which may have been carried out by someone carrying a long-range weapon and shooting into the crowd at the raceway, sparked fears of an all-out war between rival outlaw motorcycle gangs in Perth.

Police have launched “Taskforce Ravello” to find Martin’s killer, with a series of raids and searches carried out on bikie-linked properties across Perth in the last week and a half.

Rebels bikies ride their motorcycles along Scarborough Beach Road.
Motorbikes roared down Scarborough Beach Road in North Perth on their way to the cemetery.(ABC News: Jessica Warriner)

Million-dollar reward in hunt for killer

Another man, Ricky Chapman, was also hurt in the shooting at the Kwinana raceway, south of Perth, while a five-year-old child suffered a minor injury.

A police officer with blue overalls that read POLICE FORENSIC, wearing a hat, crouches in dry bushland.
Police forensic officers searched bushland at Kwinana Motorplex in their hunt for clues.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)

It is understood a bullet fragment was retrieved from the arm of Chapman, who was jailed in 2016 for drug dealing.

Police have said it was a single bullet which killed Martin and wounded Chapman, who was subsequently arrested on a Department of Justice return to prison warrant.

The warrant related to breaching parole conditions by associating with motorcycle gang members.

The WA Government later announced a $1 million reward for information that led to the conviction of the person responsible for his murder.

A sign that reads PERTH MOTORPLEX, Kwinana Beach Australia, on the side of a highway.
Martin was shot dead at the Perth Motorplex in Kwinana on December 12.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)

Police Minister Michelle Roberts called the reward “unprecedented for a crime of this nature” and said there could be the prospect of immunity from prosecution, as long as the informant was not the main offender.

Fellow bikie fined for fight with Martin

Martin was shot dead two weeks after he was involved in a violent public fight at a Scarborough beach bar with Hells Angel bikie Dayne Brajkovich.

The fight was recorded on CCTV, with Brajkovich repeatedly punching Martin as he crashed into tables.

There was a heavy police presence in the Perth Magistrates Court last week as Brajkovich was fined $800 for “fighting in public in circumstances likely to cause fear”.

A court appearance by Martin’s partner, Amanda Martin, was initially scheduled for the same day, but was put off to another date.

Martin’s family asked for $8,000 taxpayers assistance from the Department of Justice for today’s funeral.


But WA Justice Minister John Quigley refused the request, saying “hell will freeze over before we pay for a bikie’s funeral”.

Police issue warning to murderer

WA Police Assistant Commissioner Brad Royce said last week there had been a “fantastic response” to a Crime Stoppers appeal for information about the murder, from both the community “and probably those closer to some of the people involved”.

He said anonymity was guaranteed for any information provided through Crime Stoppers.

Assistant Commissioner Royce promised police would not to give up looking for Martin’s killer, warning them they would be caught.

“Whilst you might think at this stage you’re in the clear, there’s a lot of people who know what you’ve done,” he said.

“They’ll be close to you, they’ll be looking at the reward, they’ll be looking at the pressure on their lives, they’ll be looking at the threat to their families and what may happen, and it’s highly likely they will talk.”

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