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Man indicted as result of fight between Bandidos and Kinfolk Motorcycle club

Man indicted in gang-related shooting at 50th Street Caboose

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Alfredo Paez Jr. has been indicted by a Lubbock County Grand Jury on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

According to the police report, on November 12, 2020, police arrived at the 50th Street Caboose and noticed the front windows were shattered and shell casings on the ground.

According to police, the suspects were part of two separate motorcycle gangs (Banditos and Kinfolks). The group of Kinfolks were at the north east corner of the room at the pool tables drinking and playing pool. One of the suspects from the Banditos walked over to the pool table and picked up a pool ball. This upset both suspects from the kinfolks and so both kinfolks members pulled out their guns and presented them.

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Police stated Paez Jr., who was part of the Banditos, was in the hallway just south of the bar area.

Paez Jr. walked in through the door from the hallway and began to open fire towards the front of the business. Two of the rounds that Peaz Jr. fired struck the victim.

After the suspect began to fire everyone in the room began to run and find cover. Most of the people in the restaurant ran outside through either the north main entrance or the emergency door located on the North side of the room to the west.

Paez Jr. immediately ran out of the business after and fled the scene on motorcycle.

The Charges of engaging in organized criminal activity is a 1st degree felony.

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