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Bring it to the table-Interview with Shaggy 1%er Invaders MC and Clutch Grim Guardians MC


The National Council of Clubs (NCOC), representing thousands of motorcycle club members across the country, has become increasingly concerned with the escalating reports of Veterans’ Organizations, like the American Legion, denying entry to individual members of Motorcycle Clubs over the last two years. While this discrimination is not new to members of the motorcycle community in general, the expanding number of Posts that are implementing “No Motorcycle Club Colors” policies targeting fellow Veterans is cause for alarm. Reported incidents of discrimination range from all across the Nation. The most recent reports including South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The narrative is the same in all locations: “Legion Riders only, no Club colors.” This has proven to not be an isolated issue, taking place at a few reported locations. Several of the American Legion Posts, Post 22 in Rapid City, South Dakota for instance, have members of state law enforcement agencies making decisions and pressuring their Boards or Executive Committees to enforce veterans discrimination based on biases born from antiquated stereotypes perpetuated by Hollywood and local law enforcement fear mongering.

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