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Bikers from the Iron Order motorcycle club also provided some muscle, helping homeless veterans in need of essentials and a hot meal.

by Melanie Zayas

EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WOLF) — Volunteers of the Valor Clinic Foundation came out today to assist veterans and community members in Monroe County.

Every second Sunday of the month, volunteers provide warm meals, coats and clothing to those who need them.

On a bright and sunny day in East Stroudsburg, a handful of volunteers came together for a good cause.

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Bikers from the Iron Order motorcycle club also provided some muscle, helping homeless veterans in need of essentials and a hot meal.

“These days it’s probably more important than ever because people need more they don’t get out there’s a lot of isolation,” said Volunteer, Ruth Ann Ricchio.

Despite the low turnout, Ricchio says the outdoor public event gives a warmer invite to those who may feel too timid to show up

“We give them the things that we need to survive. Food bags, we give them clothing socks underwear toiletries. Its extremely important for us to do that especially because working in the community allows us to reach out to our veterans. We’re always looking for jeans, men and women’s socks underwear food to provide for our homeless folks and those who need a little bit more help,” said Ricchio.

Today’s food and clothing drive for veterans was also available to the public so whoever needed help, received it.

“They’re very grateful they’re very appreciative and the nicest part about this is most of the volunteers that we have here today are veterans so they are helping their fellow brothers and sisters and us,” said Ricchio.

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With more than 15 thousand homeless people in Pennsylvania, the nationwide clinic also offers additional avenues of support from shelter to accessible healthcare.

Veteran Alan Pearson says he is thankful for the services available amid a pandemic.

“A lot of them are afraid some of them are afraid that we are going to take them and put them someplace they don’t want to be so we to give them confidence to come to us. If you can please come out and volunteer if you can help us,” said Pearson.

We’re told the Valor Clinic Foundation at Paul’s House is always looking for donations and volunteers to continue serving veterans in our area.

To learn more on how to volunteer or donate items, click here.

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