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What’s it like and what’s it mean to be a biker?

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By James ” Hollywood ” Macecari- Author of ” The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood.”

The country has lost it’s damn mind every since the Capitol Riots! Big tech is starting it’s long planned purge of those who don’t agree with their ideology. With this in mind Insane Throttle has spun up new platforms in which to keep up with everything happening in the biker scene.

One of the first things we’ve done is set up a Insane Throttle Discord Server. A discord server is ours, meaning there will be no censorship, unless of course you’re an asshole or spammer. On our Discord server you will be able to talk with other bikers via Text, Voice or Video. This server is tricked out with rooms not allowed on regular social media. One of the favorite rooms is the “Tits,” channel. Yes, good old biker viewing material. It’s free to join the server so get your butts over there!

Insane Throttle has also set up an Odysee channel. I will be downloading a video a week over there. With the platform being supportive of free speech, you can bet I will be letting loose over there. I’ll be listing all of our platforms at the end of the article.

Old Time Biker Entertainment

Something I was hoping to launch in 2020 was coverage of some old school biker rallies. The rallies I’m talking about are not the big ones. No, the ones I’m talking about are the local ones. Local rallies are the very best of the best. None of that corporate sponsorship crap, just good down and dirty biker fun. I’m hoping 2021 will allow Insane Throttle to go ahead with those plans.

A word of caution

Over the last two years or so we’ve seen an uptick in biker entertainment on the internet. I’ve talked about this in previous articles but wanted to cover it real quick.

Insane Throttle Discord
Video , Text and Voice chat with other bikers for free

Everything you see on the internet, including our shows, are for entertainment purposes only. Never take my opinion or an opinion of others as gospel. People have to realize that the internet isn’t the real world, especially those who search for protocol advice. If you want to know about protocol go to your local club. Listening to anyone other than an actual local member of a club will get you hurt. Remember that next time you visit some of these biker protocol channels.

Insane Throttle Biker News has moved away from that kind of material, mainly because we realize a person cannot learn about it on the internet.

Legitimate coverage of news events

Biker news is a new industry to say the least. There have only been a few organizations that have covered what is going on in the scene. The one’s who’ve covered some news have only did so in a limited manner.

While looking over Insane Throttle’s business model, I’ve noticed a lot of holes in it. Sure, I cover a lot of club material on Motorcycle Madhouse, but there is a ton more stuff we should be covering.

Again, motorcycle rallies will be at the top of our list, but also coming will be dealership, moto vlogs and motorcycle reviews. Not to mention coverage of biker rights and other legislation you need to be informed on.

What’s it like and what’s it mean to be a biker?

This question will be the one that guides all of Insane Throttle’s work. We want to be able to cover all aspects of that very question. I believe that question has to be the most important one for anyone wanting to be apart of the lifestyle. Yes, it’s a lifestyle!

I’m often asked to define a biker and the first thing I say is, “hardworking men and women.” I get it there are people from all walks of life who ride motorcycles, but there are only a few who live it.

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There is nothing better than being around people that think like you, especially knowing where their hearts lay. When a biker is in trouble, you can bet your ass another true biker will drop what they are doing and help.

I’ve always said, “there is nothing better than being an American and a biker!” I truly believe a biker is what defines America. Again, hardworking and caring for those around them. Most bikers are not rich, nor are they afraid to go out and work for what they have. The best quality of a biker is his/her loyalty to each other and their communities. There are no better examples than when bikers put on fundraisers to help out a cause.

Poker Runs and Community Fundraisers

Poker runs and community fundraisers are a staple of biker functions. If someone is in need, bikers kick into high gear and do everything in their power to help out. Poker runs can be found going on in every state almost every weekend during riding season. I very much encourage you to attend one if you haven’t already. Not only are you helping a cause, but you will meet people and establish friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Law enforcement and local community leaders like to use out dated narratives of bikers to scare the community, but bikers carry on regardless. Major rallies across the country, as well as local ones, pour buckets full of money into the local community. The money bikers spend helps out local businesses, local food banks and more.

Bikers have a damn good reason to keep their heads high

Whenever I hear about profiling or harassments by law enforcement I always say, “hold your head up high, they are just jealous they can’t live free like you.” I believe this 100% because we have nothing to be ashamed about. No matter how much bad publicity we get as bikers, we know what we do and who we help.

What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to join the Throttle club right here on for access to members only material. It only costs $10 a year. Becoming a member helps Insane Throttle to keep it’s work and mission going. Thanks everyone!

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