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The Fallout Continues from Twin Peaks Bandidos – Cossacks

EP 466 The Fallout Continues from Twin Peaks Bandidos Cossacks

Bikers’ rights activists are pursuing motorcycle-friendly legislation; such as in Missouri where, fresh off their helmet law repeal victory last year, they are now pushing for House Bill 490 to allow “that a motorcycle or moto tricycle may be operated on the shoulder of a roadway under certain circumstances.” In similar fashion, other states are or have been lobbying for various forms of “lane-splitting” laws to allow motorcycles to travel in-between lanes of slow moving traffic, such as in Montana where riders are advocating for Senate Bill 9 to allow “motorcycle filtering,” or Oregon’s Senate Bill 574 “Relating to vehicle filtering in traffic slowdowns” to “allow operators of motorcycles to travel between lanes of traffic under certain conditions,” or in Washington where House Bill 1106 would “Modify the operation of motorcycles on roadways lined for traffic” by allowing riders to “overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken.” In Pennsylvania, concerned riders are pushing to include new motorcycles in the state’s Automobile Lemon Law (House Bill 69), which unlike most states are currently not covered by the same consumer protections as cars and other vehicles. Concerns about conspicuity, or being seen in traffic, as well as aesthetics, have prompted motorcyclists in several states to modify their auxiliary lighting laws to allow colors other than red or amber; such as Virginia’s Senate Bill 1347 which “Authorizes the use of any color auxiliary lighting, other than blue, on motorcycles and autocycles,” or New Hampshire’s House Bill 461 “relative to motorcycle auxiliary lamping, and adding the New Hampshire Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization to the traffic safety commission.”

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