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President of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club Arrested for Terroristic Threat of Family

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Christopher Walker Wichita Falls Times Record News

Officers were sent to an address on Taft Boulevard Friday night where a man was reportedly on his way to “blow her head off”.

The victim was upset because the police were there but said she kicked her husband, Kenneth Roffman, out a couple of days earlier and said he had been yelling at her on the phone, threatening to put a bullet in her head.

She claimed Roffman is the president of a motorcycle group called the Bandidos and a call to police is a call for the gang members to come get her.

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An officer asked if she was afraid for her life, and the victim nodded yes.

The officer noted the victim’s fear of talking to police and believed she was telling the truth. 

A couple of hours later they were sent back to the address after a caller told police Roffman had threatened to shoot the victim in the head and was afraid something had happened.

Officers found Roffman’s vehicle in the driveway. The victim said Roffman was in his room asleep. They found him in bed sleeping with a semi-automatic pistol next to him on a dresser. Roffman was placed under arrest and charged with Terroristic Threat of Family. His bond was set at $2,000 by a judge

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