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Four Arrested in Eastville Shooting -Titans MC involved

By Stefanie

Charles Matthew Lewis, 44, of Accomac; Janet Page Lewis, 52, of Exmore; Michael Leonard Stevens, 31, of Cape Charles; and Edward Thornton Tayloe, 44, of Cape Charles, were all arrested Jan. 27 following complaints filed Jan. 25 by Lt. Rob Stubbs, of the Eastville Police Department.

A total of 48 felonies and eight misdemeanors are pending against the individuals, according to a press release.

According to Stubbs’ report, the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 9:58 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22, that two victims had been shot at in their vehicle on Courthouse Road in Eastville.

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The victims were identified as Tyler Combs and Tim Pope. The two had been at Yuk Yuk and Joe’s restaurant in Eastville and left at 9:50 p.m., according to video surveillance footage from an adjacent business.

They were riding in a GMC pickup truck. When they left Yuk Yuk and Joe’s, they were followed by two motorcycles and two other vehicles.

One motorcycle was following the pickup truck on the left and another motorcycle was following on the right. The victims identified the person driving the motorcycle on the left as Stevens and the person driving the motorcycle on the right as Tayloe.

The vehicles were traveling southbound on Courthouse Road. The motorcycle on the right was allegedly slamming its brakes as if to get the pickup to stop, and the front right wheel of the truck reportedly contacted the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

The persons inside the two vehicles following the pickup truck and two motorcycles were identified as Charles and Janet Lewis, Casey Gillespie, and Richard Russell.

The five men involved in the pursuit of the pickup were identified by the owner of Yuk Yuk and Joe’s, and they were all wearing motorcycle vests of the Titan Outlaw Motorcycle Club or gang.

As the pickup, motorcycles, and other two vehicles approached the Eastville Inn, the victims heard three shots ring out.

The victims arrived home in Cheriton without injury and NCSO sheriff’s deputies and Lieutenant Stubbs arrived.

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Stubbs found two bullet holes in the rear of the pickup. One bullet had gone through the tailgate into a hunting bag, where it hit a shotgun shell and fragmented. A second bullet had gone through the rear driver’s side and entered a goose decoy. Stubbs collected the bullet fragments and bullet.

Four suspects were arrested and held without bail Jan. 27. Charles Lewis and Tayloe were released Jan. 28 on $25,000 secured bond each. Bond hearings for Janet Lewis and  Stevens were scheduled for Feb. 2. Gillespie and Russell were not charged.

This story has been updated to change the age of Janet Page Lewis. The arrest record indicates her age is 60, but other sources put it at 52.

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