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Man Claiming to be an ‘outlaw biker’ facing charge of soliciting hitman

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A call for a wellness check at the Rodeway Inn in Fort Morgan on Saturday, Jan. 16, led to a physical altercation and arrest, according to a release from the Fort Morgan Police Department.

At the scene officers made contact with Guy Holloway, who claimed to be a member of an outlaw motorcycle club, and a female companion, the release states.

Outlaw clubs are not sanctioned by the American Motorcyclists Association, some of which become involved in organized crime. Most often such crime includes selling narcotics, trafficking in stolen goods, and extortion according to the FBI.

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“The female companion looked visibly upset and when given the chance to speak freely with officers divulged that she was in fear for her life and was afraid to leave,” the news release states. “Mr. Holloway claimed that he was part of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club and that he had put a hit out on the female party as well as her ex-husband. Mr. Holloway also claimed to have access to several weapons.”

Determining that the woman was in danger, the officers decided she needed to be removed from the situation, angering Holloway, who allegedly started a physical altercation with the police.

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