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3%ers have nothing to do with a motorcycle club

By James “Hollywood” Macecari – Author Of of the best selling biker book of the year: New Age of Biking and Brotherhood

A question I received the other day is what is featured on this edition of Motorcycle Madhouse. I’m not going to waste my time going through the question line by line. The question basically had to do with how to join a 3% motorcycle club.

3%ers have nothing to do with a motorcycle club

Has it really come down to where everyone believes everything they hear on the internet? I have to say, as someone who works in the field of biker entertainment, it’s getting stupid! I think the vast majority of the problems we are seeing is because so-called creators talking shit. Creators are supposed to have the responsibility of presenting facts, not fiction.

Anyways, this dude writes asking how he would join a 3% motorcycle club because he heard a creator talking about it. DUDE, there isn’t any such thing as a legit 3% motorcycle club. 3%ers are their own deal in a totally different world than motorcycle clubs. Whoever told this dude otherwise is a complete joke. This is what gets shit started within the scene all the time. People hear shit like this on the net and next thing you know they are spreading it.

3%ers are those who believe in government takeovers and form militias or organizations like the Oath Keepers. I personally don’t support them because all they are is talk, not to mention filled with cops and informants.

The Last thing we need is to have bikers and motorcycle clubs associated with them

We’ve seen the damage that Chris Cox and his Bikers For Trump has already caused. It’s because of them bikers have been under the microscope for the past year. The fight for anti-profiling and other legislative bills would take a step back words if we were to be associated with 3%ers.

Some law enforcement agencies have already said 1% clubs are equal to a domestic extremist, we don’t need anymore bullshit to be piled on from them. You’re either in the fight for advancement of bikers rights or you’re not. Why would you want to add more trouble then we already have by starting something like that up? I can see it now, the Oath Keepers start up a motorcycle club and the next thing you know all bikers are that.

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