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The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office put there will be “a contingency of outlaw motorcycle groups at a party “

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By Mike Rogers

BELLS, Texas (KXII) – The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office put out a statement saying they’ve been made aware there will be “a contingency of outlaw motorcycle groups at a party on Saturday in Bells.”

Local police in the area are preparing for who they believe to be the Pagan Motorcycle Club, a group connected with meth dealing, muscle for hire and numerous other crimes.

But Texas Vital Care EMS Director Billy Ray says he’s expecting a peaceful rally starting in Savoy where the Pagan Motorcycle Club are expected to roll out for a ride Saturday.

“Since we’ve been told there’s going to be a lot of people, a large number of people, we’re adding another unit that day,” Ray said. “If something happens we’re ready for it. If nothing happens, we’re ready for it.”

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Ray said there has not been issues with rallies this group has held in the past but word on the street is they’re being labeled a “biker gang.”

“One of the things we’ve learned is that if you’re not expecting the unexpected, then you’re behind on the times,” Ray said.

Several business owners have been advised there will be a heavy presence of law enforcement officers at the rally. This includes both Savoy and Bells police, as well as Grayson County sheriff’s deputies who will be on scene assisting both police departments. This is because where the Pagan bikers are expected to gather at the beginning of the rally will be on county property.

Cendera Bank President and CEO Alan Renfroe says he’s heard nothing about this weekend’s rally, and it won’t matter because his bank will be closed.

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