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Prison sentence for man that attacked a biker and biting a cop

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by Ciaran Shanks 

Christopher Tennant, who turned 41 on Friday, also tried to bite a police officer’s hand after he was arrested.

Tennant flew into a rage after feeling he was being unfairly treated by officers.

Dundee Sheriff Court was told Tennant himself phoned the police after biker Sean Anderson crashed into a female friend of Tennant’s.

Tennant was jailed for four months in December after terrorising staff at Boots on Reform Street.

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Further time was added to his sentence after a sheriff ruled he was not suitable for a community order following his release from prison.

Fiscal depute Gavin Burton said the female, who was under the influence, walked into the middle of the road before being struck by Mr Anderson’s motorcycle.

He said: “She was not injured in any way and appeared apologetic towards the complainer.

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“The accused walked over to the complainer who was still on the motorbike. He stood in front of him and placed the front wheel between his legs.

“He became aggressive and violent and grabbed him by the body and began to pull at him. The complainer was alarmed and shouted for help.”

Police attended and arrested Tennant who became abusive at police headquarters on West Bell Street.

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