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What happened to ABATE? Enough of the PC attitudes towards fighting for our rights

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari- Author of multiple books on the biker lifestyle

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Bikers are who we are the last time I checked

Ever since my interview with a member of ABATE my mind has been non-stop thinking about what he said. When I asked him about why ABATE wasn’t pushing against profiling & gang enhancement laws he said, “it’s a controversial issue.”

To give this context, I brought up the fact that Illinois was pushing criminal justice reform and it would be a perfect time to stand up and say something.

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Bikers are who we are, nothing should ever dissuade us from fighting for what is right for our cause. I get it, there are motorcycle enthusiast and then there are bikers. Bikers are the ones who live this lifestyle day in and day out while enthusiast just love riding. Here’s the thing though, bikers formed ABATE, not the enthusiast. Motorcycle enthusiast have the AMA to fight for their cause, ABATE was supposed to be fighting the hard issues.

What happened to ABATE?

Anyone who listens to the show knows I’m always pushing people to join MRO’s because I personally believe everyone should have some skin in the game. Here’s some of an email I received concerning ABATE

Hey Hollywood,

You’re always telling people to join a motorcycle rights organization which is fine and all, problem is people feel some of these including ABATE no longer speak for them. ABATE has gotten away from representing the issues that matter the most to us, instead they focus on things that doesn’t really mean much to a lot of those who are members. You brought it up in your interview, “grass clippings.” Who in the hell cares about spending all that time and effort on fucking grass clippings? ABATE has gotten away from its original purpose and that purpose was fighting for the stuff that really matters. Jon- California

Well, he’s not wrong is he? ABATE used to be hard chargers, unfortunately this isn’t the case anymore. I know that different generations have different ways of looking at things, but come on with this PC attitude. The most pressing issue right now is profiling and these damn gang member lists people are finding themselves on. I will remind ABATE it’s not only club members ending up on this list, ABATE members are being put on this list also.

While doing the interview I was told that ABATE was working closely with NCOM on these issues and this might be the case in some states. what I’ve been hearing is this isn’t the case in many others. Why wouldn’t this issue be at the top of your list, especially when some of your own members are getting caught up?

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My question to ABATE in the states not active in these issues, “what the hell are you waiting for?” Has ABATE turned into a skeleton of its former self or what? Is ABATE being controlled by a bunch of PC morons that doesn’t want to upset the status quo? I only ask these questions because ABATE used to have some hard chargers and it doesn’t seem the case anymore.


ABATE owes most of its existence to motorcycle clubs, especially since they are the ones who’ve been on the forefront of motorcycle rights. NCOM has been the ones taking on the hard issues for everyone from day 1! I’ve also heard stories where ABATE really doesn’t want anything to do with motorcycle clubs anymore, how true this is I don’t know, but for some to think this way is troubling.

While where on this subject, ABATE in Illinois has said there are American Legions that are not letting colors into their posts. Has ABATE contacted the MPP (Motorcycle Profiling Project) to inform them, especially since this is a big issue right now?

I’m really not trying to be a dick, but I’d hope ABATE would get an understanding on how many people in the biker scene are feeling right now about how ABATE is representing their interest. I’m a big believer in promoting ABATE and hope that this article will raise the standard for the issues facing us all today.

What is your thoughts, do you think there is any other pressing issues some motorcycle rights organizations should be addressing? Leave your thoughts, till next time don’t forget to visit the new radio station!

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