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Why are the feds so afraid of letting the 70-year-old former gang leader out of Supermax prison?

By Mary Mitchell

The notion that former gang leader Larry Hoover is calling shots for the Gangster Disciples in downstate Illinois, from the Supermax prison in Colorado, is ridiculous.

Even if you believe that Hoover’s influence is so powerful that gang members who were born decades after Hoover went to prison would follow his commands, why would he focus on criminal enterprise at this point in his life?

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After more than 50 years behind bars, 20 of those years in isolation, Hoover is trying to come home.

He has filed for relief under the First Step Act, established to address the criminal justice system’s inequities.

But Hoover’s name popped up in an indictment that doesn’t even involve him, putting his request for relief at risk.

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Although Hoover isn’t charged in the indictment, feds alleged that he “promoted two men to top posts” while locked up in the maximum-security prison.

“To have his name continuously thrown into the affairs of others and to be used as a scapegoat for criminal activity he has no connection to needs to cease,” his lawyer, Justin Moore, said in a statement.

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