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Witnesses to chase said the suspects were all wearing clothing with the insignia of the Titans Motorcycle Club.

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Four of the original six suspected charged in an Eastville shooting investigations, who are believed to have gang ties, will be in Northampton County Court today for an arraignment hearing.

Janet Lewis, Richard Russell, Michael Stevens and Thornton Tayloe will all have their cases arraigned in Northampton District Court. The Judge will decide whether the Eastville Police Department has enough evidence against those charged to proceed with trial. Should the judge agree, the next stop legally will be the grand jury.

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According to court records, Eastville Police believe the four, along with Chip Lewis and Casey Gillespie, chased Tyler Combs and Tim Pope leaving Yuk and Joes Restaurant in Eastville on two motorcycles and in two cars. The chase proceeded south on Courthouse Road in Eastville and the victims said they heard gunshots as the chase approached the Eastville Inn. Bullet fragments were recovered by investigators in the rear of the pickup. Eye witnesses said the suspects were all wearing clothing with the insignia of the Titans Motorcycle Club.

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Gillespie’s preliminary hearing is set for April 22 due to a conflict with his defense attorney.

Charges against Lewis were dropped on February 4.

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