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Former National President of the T H U G Riders MC MOE CAPO MORALES

We will be looking at the Story of Former National President of the T.H.U.G Riders MC CAPO is what he goes by and has for many years. He is accused by the New Jersey Department of Corrections of being a part of a Outlaw Motorcycle Gang while working as a correctional officer. He has been charged with numerous offenses relating to not disclosing his membership on a license renewal. This position is in fact false, CAPO left the motorcycle club in 2017- He was injured on the job and filed a lawsuit some time after leaving the club. The charges at this point are false because he wasn’t involved in any club. It’s also easy to see he wasn’t hiding his membership in the club because for years he would post on Social Media about his affiliation. Take a look at the information and emails provided and make up your minds, was he hiding his membership in the club all those years? Are they considered an outlaw club having it’s start with other CO’s and Police Officers and were those others prosecuted like he has been?

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