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Man arrested for double murder now charged with trying to kill former head of Pagans Motorcycle Club

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By News Staff

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Victor Steban, the man arrested and charged with killing a couple in Westmoreland County, now faces multiple new charges related to trying to kill the former head of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and another man and woman.

According to court documents, Steban, 53, drove to a home on Jackson Street in Sewickley Township shortly after midnight on Sunday. Police said he fired at least nine rounds from an AK-47 and an AR-15 several minutes after two men had left the garage. Steban told investigators he went to the property to send a message to a woman, accusing her of breaking up his relationship with his girlfriend.

About five minutes later, police said he drove to a home on Carnegie Road and fired at least a dozen rounds from an AR-15. Steban later told detectives that he “tried to burn” a man out of the home by also throwing a lit road flare at it. He also said he had containers of homemade Napalm that planned to toss into the home.

Shortly before 1 a.m., police said Steban then drove to the home of the former head of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, Dennis “Rooster” Katona. He is accused of shooting at least 18 times at the home using the AR-15 rifle. Steban told police he went Katona’s home with the intention of killing him. Court papers say Steban told detectives “I’d do it right now, if he came into this room.”

The list of charges related to these incidents include criminal homicide and aggravated assault among others.

Steban told reporters that his actions were “all about getting Rooster” while he was being led to and from his arraignment Tuesday night. Dennis Katona’s wife said they don’t know Steban and have no idea why he would shoot at their home. Katona is the former national president of the motorcycle club and spent years in federal prison in connection with a 2002 brawl with the Hell’s Angels.

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