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Havoc in Hollister /Motorcyclist Horde Stages Riotous Rally

Havoc in Hollister /Motorcyclist Horde Stages Riotous Rally event that occurred at the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)-sanctioned Gypsy Tour motorcycle rally in Hollister, California from July 3 to 6, 1947.
On July 3, 1947, festivities in Hollister began. But as previously mentioned, the popularity of motorcycles had grown dramatically and this rise in popularity caused one of the main problems of this event: massive attendance. Around 4,000 motorcyclists flooded Hollister, almost doubling the population of the small town. They came from all over California and the United States, even from as far away as Connecticut and Florida.Motorcycle groups in attendance included the 13 Rebels, Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington, the Boozefighters, the Market Street Commandos, the Top Hatters Motorcycle Club, and the Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club. Approximately ten percent of attendees were women. The town was completely unprepared for the number of people that arrived, since not nearly as many people had participated in the pre-war years.

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