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Prosecutor says full-patch Angel Neil Cantrill should receive a term of 10 to 11 years after being convicted

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Kim Bolan

An Edmonton Hells Angel should be sentenced to at least 10 years for his role in a 2016 kidnapping and brutal assault of a former business associate, a prosecutor told B.C. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Teresa Mitchell-Banks said full-patch Angel Neil Cantrill should receive a term of 10 to 11 years after being convicted last summer of aggravated assault, kidnapping, extortion, forcible confinement, and overcoming resistance.

Mitchell-Banks told Justice Ward Branch that the other two men convicted — Cantrill’s son Stephan and associate Robert Lowry — should also receive lengthy sentences — Stephan eight to nine years, and Lowry nine or 10.

All three participated in the kidnapping of Robert Houle, a former Hope man who grew cannabis for Neil Cantrill for more than a dozen years.

In December 2014, Houle travelled to Edmonton to tell his partner he wanted out and offered the growing equipment to his biker friend.

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He heard nothing more until July 31, 2016, when Neil Cantrill contacted him to arrange a meeting. The next day, Houle arrived at a roadside pull-out near Hope and was grabbed, choked and beaten, and told he would have to sign his house over to his former pot partner.

In his July 2020 verdict, Branch found Houle to be a credible witness at the trial despite his involvement in the drug trade and failure to pay income tax. He is now in the witness protection program.

He noted that much of what Houle said was bolstered by other evidence — his blood was found on Lowry’s jeans and inside an SUV where he said the attack took place. Police testified about finding more blood on a roadside stump near where Houle agreed to meet Cantrill that day.

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