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The head honchos of the Motorcycle Club World

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Siddharth Sharma

Harley Davidson and biker groups represent the American spirit of valuing freedom over everything else. But when these free-spirited biker groups get involved in wrongdoings, they become an eyesore for law enforcement.

Some of these outlaw bikers are just like any other mafia gang, involved in crimes like gun-running, drug peddling, contract killings, extortion, money laundering, shootouts, etc.

Since reputation of the club is big deal for these bikers, we often see fights breaking out between different biker clubs. The territorial animal instinct surely runs high in an outlaw biker’s life.

They are often called “one-percenter” because American Motorcycle Association says that 99% of motorcyclists are law abiding.

Just like Mafia movies, Outlaw biker movies also have huge fan following. Regular folks find their lifestyle amusing and are eager to know what goes on in the world of outlaw bikers. Let look at some of the most feared outlaw bikers gangs.

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