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Prosecution of a prostitute and two Hell’s Angels

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That September 4, 2019, the woman did not come alone: ​​”She arrived around eleven twenty at night, I let her into my house.He asked me to put the music on loud while I took a bath. And there he was, in the bathtub, when all of a sudden, two tall and strong men, dressed in balaclavas, gloves, boots and military armor and armed with two machetesThey came in and told me: don’t say anything or we’ll kill you, “this well-known tycoon reported to the Civil Guard three days after being assaulted.

They fled from Spain

This Friday, June 11, the trial begins at the Palma de Mallorca Court against the prostitute and the two British assailants, aged 33 and 38, with a background in the United Kingdom, whom the Civil Guard links with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang (Hells Angels), known for committing crimes of a violent nature. All three are accused of colluding to kidnap and rob the businessman in Mallorca in September 2019, taking advantage of the fact that the woman was “perfectly aware of her financial solvency and her family life”. Later, they fled together from Spain to United Kingdom after extorting the man, demanding 150,000 euros under the threat that if he did not pay them they would harm his family.

Scared, businessman he even sent them 134,000 euros before reporting the case to the Civil Guard, who managed to locate the kidnappers in their home the night of the assault thanks to the GPS of the car they rented at the airport when they arrived on the island. The prosecutor asks for 14 and a half years in prison for each of them, while the private prosecution, exercised by attorney Jaime Campaner, requests 21 years in prison. This newspaper has agreed to the police investigation of the case and this is the account of the events.

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