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Haunting final photo of young Hells Angel bikie in a taxi after he was summoned to meet his bosses in Melbourne

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Aidan Wondracz

This haunting photo is one of the last moments bikie associate Kerry Giakoumis was seen in public before he was believed to be killed in a criminal turf war. 

Giakoumis, 29, caught a flight from Adelaide to Melbourne with two fellow associates of the Hells Angels bikie gang on June 5, 2020.

Exactly why he travelled to Victoria is unclear, but the cover story he gave to family was that he was lining up a big concreting contract. 

riends said he wasn’t keen to go, and had a bad feeling about the trip, but was harassed with calls demanding he fly over – and so he went. 

He then missed his return flight home five days later and was last seen at the Hells Angels clubhouse in Thomastown in the early hours of June 10. 

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