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Former Hells Angel who killed prison guards wants parole

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A man serving a life sentence for a cold-blooded murder he carried out near the Atwater Market in 2003 took the first step in court Tuesday in his effort to convince a jury that his parole eligibility should be reduced.

John Griffin, 63, a former professional boxer, is serving time at a federal penitentiary for the murder of Denis Poirier, a drug dealer. During Griffin’s trial, the jury was told that the motive behind the murder involved $100,000 that Poirier owed to Griffin and a third party in a drug deal that went sour. Griffin pursued Poirier for days, assaulted two of his friends and even held a man against his will as he tracked Poirier down. He then set up a fake appointment for Poirier near the intersection of Atwater Ave. and Workman St.

On Feb. 2, 2003, when Poirier came out of hiding and showed up for the appointment, Griffin shot him.

On March 10, 2005, a jury found Griffin guilty of first-degree murder and he automatically received a life sentence with his parole eligibility set at 25 years.

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