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Man has been charged with two felonies in connection with a deadly shooting during an altercation between motorcycle clubs

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A Hickory County man has been charged with two felonies in connection with a deadly Thursday night shooting during an altercation between motorcycle clubs on the Bagnell Dam Strip at Lake of the Ozarks.

The Miller County prosecutor charged Tonka Way-Con Ponder on Friday with first-degree assault and armed criminal action in the shooting that killed one person and injured four outside Casablanca Pub and Grill.

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A probable cause statement filed in Ponder’s case says investigators found surveillance video showing a shooting victim identified as B.C. was in a fight outside the bar when he pulled a gun on Ponder, who was fighting another person. Ponder drew his gun and shot B.C., who died at the scene, the statement says.

More gunshots rang out and Ponder and another person identified only as D.K. were shot and fell to the ground, according to the statement. Video then shows Ponder reloading as he lies wounded on the front desk of the bar, then firing at a man walking by with his hands up identified as T.C.

“We want to assure you that this isolated incident is being investigated by local law enforcement and we appreciate your cooperation in providing any information regarding the incident,” Casablanca Pub and Grill posted on its Facebook page Friday about the shooting during the lake’s Bike Night.

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