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Is Mongols Lil Dave Innocent of Allegations against him?

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  1. There’s no way that he’s innocent. If you’ve been paying attention the last couple of years, the Mongols have been on a sort of federal probation and that’s the club as a whole. I’ve heard out of his mouth personally a couple of years ago that they were trying to avoid any issues with any clubs and trying to stay quiet as not to bring attention to themselves because of the legal stuff going on. So, why all of the sudden did that change? Why have they been so loud lately, patching over dudes from other clubs who are out bad, accepting donations from other clubs to help “save the patch” and then after accepting the money, taking a bunch of ex members(a lot who are out bad)/support clubs/supporters and opening 20+ new chapters over night? Pure scumbag shit, with no honor. Why go from being so quiet and not wanting problems, to “Fuck it, we do what we want.” and going out of your way to maybe cause problems? Especially if you’re the head guy, and you know it’s all gonna come down on you, all of the sudden his attitude changed in just the last year and a half/two years? This has turned into a ramble, but anyone could just look at those circumstances and see that shit doesn’t add up. They’re all scumbags for backing the dishonorable, dishonest shit anyways. Lil Rat doesn’t give a fuck about the shit he helped stir, because he knew if it ever crashes down, he was gonna be alright.


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