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Final Statement on LIL DAVE and The Mongols MC situation

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James “Hollywood” Macecari

So let’s talk about my response on this whole business and put it to rest – The Mongols MC as a whole is an old club full of traditions and will get past this. It wasn’t the entire Mongols Nation that threw him under the bus but a few that fed creators who thought these people were representing the clubs voice. This wasn’t the case . Hopefully it will go back internally and people can worry about the profiling and patch case.

Everyone has their opinion of went down and how everything was covered. Hes in a tough position right now because of the wife. I take the hit on this one because I should’ve waited for his side- But I always take a the word of a club member and this time it was a mistake. After this mistake I realized I went against everything i believed in regarding both sides of the story and said enough of this drama bullshit .

Now it’s onto covering what the biker lifestyle is all about- Fun and riding motorcycles.

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AS far as the other dude with the other channel is concerned. He raps off at the mouth like he actually knows what this scene is all about. He’s apart of a club that started with Cops and COS. The club supported all kinds of law enforcement functions, (This is a known fact) and the club didn’t throw on a diamond until around 2017. His Club recruited many of their chapters over the internet, another known fact (We had their National Vice President who served for 10 years case on this channel where it was admitted that they supported law enforcement and threw on a diamond.WATCH THE VIDEO AT END OF ARTICLEL) Most would compare this to an Iron Order type of set up.

One thing is for certain, you don’t ever let people know your club affiliation over the internet. It’s a new age now, TIk Toc, FB,IG they are all doing it and worse of all creators on YouTube. If you’re going to listen to a dude that does nothing but market gimmicks AKA CULTURE VULTURE, on YouTube, part of the scene with no time in at all, that’s on you. Want to know what’s wrong with the scene and why people are not joining clubs anymore? They are sick and tired of the gangster shit, they want to be bikers and be apart of a scene that was once true to itself (Thus the reason for pop up clubs and lack of respect for protocol and tradition).

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No one at all can keep blaming LEO (Which I do all the time) when there is gang shit happening all the time. If MC’s want to be seen as a club then stop all the violence, the general public can see through all the BS, as can those who are a part of this scene and want nothing to do with clubs. The saying 99% and 1% is very true at this moment in time- Most bikers who are the 99% and majority can care less about motorcycle clubs anymore- It’s fading and fading fast. Clubs used to represent more than territory, it was about freedom and doing what you wanted. Now it’s at a point where guns, instead of fist are used to settle things. This is the final statement on this because honestly it’s mundane and boring.

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