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One week following a deadly shooting on the Bagnell Dam Strip gang activity is not welcomed

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LAKE OZARK, Mo. (KY3) – One week following a deadly shooting on the Bagnell Dam Strip, the City of Lake Ozark and the Lake Ozark Police Chief are both saying that any gang activity is not welcomed in the city, nor on the strip.

It was the first death by gunfire in the history of the strip, but the Lake Ozark Police Chief says he warned people it could be happening after events of last year’s Bike Fest.

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“Last Thursday night’s incident was out of the ordinary, but not unexpected,” said Lake Ozark Police Chief Gary Launderville. “I saw that potential coming. I’ve told the businesses. I have informed my Board of Aldermen. We have tried to have extra people on.”

Dan Field with the city of Lake Ozark agreed with what the police chief said, adding that it this was rare for something like this to happen in their community.

”It’s an isolated incident. Now, let me add to that, that it’s not uncommon to have motorcycle enthusiasts come to Lake Ozark and Lake of the Ozarks in general. But to have the kind of situation that happened, like I said, July 15, that’s very rare,” said Chief Launderville.

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