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Police continue search for missing man last seen with Hells Angels

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His disappearance is considered to be out of character and detectives believe it is almost certain Mr Giakoumis has met with foul play.He had travelled from Adelaide to Melbourne on June 5, 2020.Mr Giakoumis had told family that he was going to Victoria to work as a concreter.

When in Melbourne, he regularly spoke with his family in South Australia, and his mother had booked a flight for Wednesday, June 10 2020 for him to return home on.

However, Mr Giakoumis did not board the flight, and contact with his family completely stopped.They reported him missing to police, and his disappearance continues to be treated as suspicious.

Investigators believe Mr Giakoumis was at the Hells Angels clubhouse on Lipton Drive in Thomastown with Hells Angels and other associates in the early hours of June 10.

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This is the last time the 29-year-old was seen.Detectives are keen to speak to anyone who has information about what happened at the clubhouse or any other location in the early hours of 10 June.

It is understood he was not a patched member of the club when he disappeared.”Investigators are particularly keen to hear from anyone who can provide information about his movements during his time in Melbourne, particularly on and after 10 June, 2020,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

In June last year, detectives from the Homicide Squad and Echo Taskforce executed warrants at a number of properties including the Hells Angels clubhouse.

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