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Prominent member of the Hells Angels is once again trying to break free from the Santa Rita jail

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SAN FRANCISCO – A week before his 58th birthday, a prominent member of the Hells Angels is once again trying to break free from the Santa Rita jail while facing unsolved charges of mutilation, assault, witness intimidation and racketeering.

Rohnert Park’s Raymond “Ray Ray” Foakes has twice tried and failed to have a federal judge reconsider a 2018 court order keeping him in jail until convicted or acquitted. Lawyers for Foakes have argued that the release is justified because he has spent three years in jail, with no end in sight, as the date of his trial is perpetually postponed.

Foakes ‘attorneys, in their latest motion filed this week, did not shy away from Foakes’ criminal past, which includes multiple pretrial release violations in other cases, multiple felony convictions, and unsuccessful allegations that he started the infamous River. Run Riot in Laughlin. , Nevada by assaulting a member of the rival motorcycle club.

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Federal prosecutors have successfully opposed Foakes’ release in the past arguing that he is a danger to the community and that he can flee the area if he is released from jail. Foakes is a former president of the Sonoma chapter of Hells Angels.

“It is primarily Foakes’s criminal record, his poor record on parole, parole, pretrial supervision, and supervised release that supports the original court finding that Foakes is a danger to the community, a flight risk, and that no condition of release could reasonably guarantee the safety of the community and their appearance in court, ”wrote attorney George Boisseau in the defense’s motion. “However, a more detailed analysis of their history shows that the risk to the community can be mitigated if not completely eliminated by conditions of house arrest and electronic monitoring. And, given Foakes’s strong community ties and support in the community, it’s not a flight risk. “

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