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“Just let me bleed out and die”. Hells Angels states after motorcycle accident

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A member of the Hells Angels bikie gang has had part of his leg amputated after crashing his motorcycle in Perth’s east shortly after being stopped and questioned by WA Police on Thursday night.

Police allege two motorcyclists had stopped after being pulled over before one of them immediately took off.

But the bikie didn’t make it very far.

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Witnesses say he was overtaking a car when he came off his bike on Kent street around 9pm.

Nearby to his Harley on the road was a horrific sight.

The rider’s right leg – severed at the knee.

Locals tried to stop the bleeding with a makeshift tourniquet.

They say the man – who 7NEWS understands is a patched member of the Hells Angels – was repeating the same words over and over again:

“Just let me bleed out and die”.

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