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Former vice-president of the Rockers, the late Hells Angels , pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a prohibited firearm

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Jean-Guy Bourgouin, former vice-president of the Rockers, the late Hells Angels school club, pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a prohibited firearm on August 5 and was immediately sentenced to jail three years.

Bourgouin, 54, was arrested last December and has been detained since. By subtracting the period of time spent in preventive detention of 366 days – at the time he received his sentence – he therefore has a remainder of two years less a day to serve.

Jean-Guy Bourgouin was arrested during the first phase of searches carried out as part of an investigation by the Organized Crime Division of the SPVM called Renouveau and targeting a network of cocaine traffickers who allegedly distributed cocaine in the Plateau-Mont-Royal and allegedly supplied kilograms of cocaine to other criminal organizations in the Montreal region and eastern Quebec.

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While searching his house in Mascouche, investigators discovered in the bedside table of his bedroom a loaded firearm, a handcrafted assembly pistol of the Glock model 22 caliber. 40, while Bourgouin was under the gun. coup of an order prohibiting him from owning a weapon.

The motorcyclist was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, careless storage of a firearm and breach of ordinance and was not charged in connection with Project Renouveau even though the police considered him to be the head of the network.

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