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A Hells Angels hitman who gunned down a man over two decades ago has won day parole.  

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A Hells Angels hitman who gunned down a man in Dartmouth over two decades ago has won day parole.  

Dean Daniel Kelsie, 47, will get day parole “as soon as a place is available,” according to a parole decision released Friday. 

“This homicide was apparently considered a contract killing carried out on behalf of the Hells Angels,” said the Aug. 27 parole decision. 

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Sean Simmons, a 31-year-old father of two from Lower Sackville, was shot in the head Oct. 3, 2000, in the lobby of a Trinity Avenue apartment building. 

Hells Angels member Neil Smith ordered the hit because Simmons allegedly had an affair in the early 1990s with the mistress of the president of the Halifax chapter of the outlaw motorcycle gang.

“The victims have submitted their opposition to any form of release and how the murder of their loved one has affected them,” said the parole decision. “They express their belief that you are not ready for any form of release.”  

Life sentence 

Kelsie, one of four people charged in the killing, was handed a life sentence in March of 2003. 

“Initially convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder, the sentence was increased twice (2008 and 2015) for assaults of fellow inmates,” said the parole decision. 

“In March 2019, the Court of Appeal ruled your index offence was a second-degree murder, still as part of a conspiracy. As a result, your day and full parole eligibility dates were revised, making you eligible for full parole since July 2019.” 

Kelsie will have to return to a halfway house nightly for the first three months of his day parole, slated to continue for at least six months.  

As conditions of his release, the parole board ordered Kelsie not to consume drugs or alcohol, follow psychological counselling, and stay away from known criminals, as well as his victim’s family. 

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