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Iron Order MC The New 1%er


  1. Of course it’s hypocrisy. This is nothing new. In 2004 (the same year IO stood up) AOA knowingly had a chapter full of COs in CT. If you believe the old saying that the man makes the patch and not the other way around it makes sense. Not many cops can make the grade, but none, that’s absurd. The cop club thing with the IO was always an excuse. The main issue has always been the IO didn’t accept being ruled by the dominates, not unlike a certain club that stood up in 1969 in southern CA.


  2. Hey man,

    Recently found you on youtube. Just got a bike after having to sell the last one to support my family a few years ago. Now that I have the wheels and the time I’ve been wanting to find a club to join. I live in South Georgia near the Florida line. The only clubs I can find near me are Outlaws, Black Pistons, and Iron Order.

    I reached out to the Outlaws first because they are the major club in the state and I think that they are true ambassadors of the culture. It’s been weeks and I haven’t heard from them, so I continued looking just to see who’s out there and would be the best fit for me, and where I would fit in the best for a club. I couldn’t find a point of contact for the Black Pistons so I haven’t reached out to them yet.

    I finally reached out to the Iron Order, because they have the closest charter. Many years ago a Marine buddy of mine joined the club and spoke highly of its members (before a lot of the bad press and run ins with eh the 1%rs). I understand why people don’t like them, and I don’t disagree that they have earned their reputation.

    That being said… Even though it is a sign of respect to get blessings from the OG clubs before starting a new patch, I think it also goes with the spirit of how all these clubs originally started. They wanted to do something, so they did. They stepped on toes to do it and didn’t apologize. Following what you said about a few guys ruining it for everyone, I think that’s what is happening to the I.O. Some wannabes that like to play dress up and put on their biker costume want to feel like they are a part of the life. But when it’s time to own that and bleed for what you believe, they can fall short. I like to think that there are good people in the club that could be brothers some day, if it is the right group.

    A big push for me to look into these guys is who’s around and who is being receptive to potential members. I haven’t committed to even hanging around with anyone yet. Just some phone calls for introduction. As someone who has been a part of the life I would respectfully like to hear your thoughts on my position. If I join any club, then I want it to be with REAL people. People who are genuine and unapologetically themselves. IF I were to ever join I.O, then I would like to think that if I encountered any of the big clubs, I would pay my respects for the work they’ve put in, and not do anything to cause bad blood. But if I patch into a club they don’t like, then I would be obligated to defend my patch the same as they would. I grew up in the Army and that’s where I really learned to be a man and handle problems like one. So win or lose, after a fight you share a beer and honor the culture.

    If there is any advice you could offer, or even someone to talk to about meeting members to have an introduction and learn about the club and the lifestyle I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and ride safe.


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