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Member of the Hells Angels had his sentence reduced because of “reprehensible” treatment in jail

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A long-time member of the Hells Angels had his sentence for trafficking bulk cocaine reduced because of “reprehensible” treatment in jail, including a strip search he emotionally compared to being raped.

Emery Martin, known by the nickname Pit, is a veteran of Quebec’s brutal and deadly biker war but said the horrors he witnessed inside a New Brunswick jail made him fearful, including an inmate being hogtied for hours and another whose fingers were shattered; he also had to eat his meals while sitting on a toilet.

It was the indignity of a wrongful strip search, however, that pushed his treatment over the edge, into a concern for the court.

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Martin has spent about 20 of his 61 years in prison. Next month marks his 24th anniversary as a Hells Angel. He admitted he was a member of the Montreal chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club at his start in the drug ring, but switched to the Hells Angels’ New Brunswick Nomad chapter in November 2016.

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He was sentenced last week for being a senior executive of a significant inter-provincial cocaine ring, and the subsequent written decision in his case reveals details of Martin’s crime and his time.

Martin was one of several people arrested in 2018 in Project J-Thunderstruck, an RCMP-led investigation into high-volume, bulk cocaine trafficking from Quebec into New Brunswick.

Without him, there would have been no drugs to sell, court heard.

“His status as a member of the NB Hells Angels Nomad gave him the power to direct cocaine trafficking in the territory he controlled. The Network, without Mr. Martin’s permission, would not have been able to traffic cocaine on its territory,” Justice Denise LeBlanc wrote in her ruling.

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