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You’re three men. You followed me. Leave me alone!” Morales can be heard screaming before eight gunshots cut her off.

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A pregnant woman has been shot dead after she pulled a gun on a biker she intentionally hit with her car, according to Florida police.

Orange City PD say Sara Nicole Morales, 35, was killed by 40-year-old Andrew Derr after he followed her home on his motorcycle following a road rage incident.

The incident occurred shortly after 5 PM on Saturday November 20, when police received 911 calls reporting a hit and run crash on North Volusia Ave.

According to Orange City PD, Morales had purposely struck Derr on his motorcycle; “This was a minor crash, Derr was not injured or ejected from his motorcycle.”

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Derr and other witnesses attempted to prevent the blue Kia from leaving, but she fled the scene. Police say Derr and some of the other witnesses then “followed Morales in attempt to help identify her for law enforcement.”

They say the pursuers stopped at her house on Wisconsin Ave and called 911 to identify the address.

“Morales went into her house and re-emerged a short time later,” the police statement claims. “Morales confronted the witnesses and Derr, as they were on the phone with 911. Morales pointed a handgun at the witnesses and Derr.”

“Derr having a valid Florida Concealed weapons permit, drew his concealed handgun and fired multiple rounds, striking Morales.  Morales’ handgun was recovered on-scene.”

They said Derr remained on the scene and “has been cooperating with law enforcement from the beginning.”

“These facts have been established by independent interviews,” the statement added.

Bodycam footage obtained by Fox35 shows the moment police arrive at the address: officers approach Derr with guns drawn, ordering him to get on the ground and not move — he complies.

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