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Two men have admitted guilt in connection with an attack on a man who helped an investigation into the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

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CAMDEN – Two Williamstown men have admitted guilt in connection with an attack on a man who helped an investigation into the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

Nicholas “Lefty” Marino, 76, and Anthony “Fugit” D’Alessandro, 55, were accused of assisting in an August 2020 attack at a Pagans clubhouse.

The assault victim, whose name was not disclosed, had alerted investigators in July 2020 that he’d been asked to store guns and ammunition by another suspect in the case, Michael “Cage” Dorazo of  Gloucester City, a criminal complaint alleges.

The victim allowed investigators to seize the weapons without the Pagans’ knowledge.

The  cache included an “AR-15 style” ghost gun, a shotgun, and almost 1,800 rounds of ammunition, according to the federal prosecutor’s office, which describes the Pagans as an “outlaw motorcycle gang.”

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The victim told the Pagans he’d sold the guns for $5,000 and turned over that amount of money, which was provided by federal investigators, to Dorazo, the complaint alleges.

He later gave another $4,000 to Dorazo after being told the Pagans were unhappy with the purported gun sale, the complaint says.

It alleges the assault occurred after the man arrived for a meeting at a clubhouse on Marino’s property in Williamstown.

Marino and D’Alessandro ordered the man to give up his cell phone, then used a handheld device to ensure he had not concealed any electronic devices, the complaint says.

It alleges another Pagan, Nicholas “Booch” Bucciarelli of Brooklawn, then entered the clubhouse, struck the victim with an ax handle and pointed a gun at the man.

The victim was ordered to call the buyer of the guns, who was actually a federal investigator, and to request an update on the weapons, the complaint alleges.

The investigator, “understanding that he was on speaker and that members of the (Pagans) might be listening to their conversation, remained in his undercover persona throughout the conversation,” says the complaint.

The victim eventually was allowed to leave the clubhouse.

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