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Victim of rival motorcycle gangs who got in a deadly dispute speaks out

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ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) — July 11, 2020, is a night the Denver band ‘Nightwolf’ will always remember. They were playing at Jake’s Roadhouse in Arvada when rival motorcycle gangs got in a deadly dispute. The band members were taking a break when they heard popping noises outside.

“Our singer Ryan went out to have a cigarette,” said Nightwolf founder and lead guitarist Jay Halpern.

“He noticed somebody had been shot and had fallen over on his motorcycle and he went over there to help him.”

He says says the singer, Ryan McPherson, was either hit with motorcycle helmet or shot because his skull was fractured. Police say he was also run over by a motorcycle.

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William Kelly Henderson, a member of one of the gangs was killed during the melee. Several others were injured.

“We knew it was going to be a big thing because these guys were driving around shooting each other on a public street.”

“We were more worried about Ryan,” Halpern told CBS4.

Halpern said McPherson was in a coma for a long time afterward, but came out of it and is playing music again, although not with the band. And a year and a half later, the Nightwolf band is still playing Jake’s.

Now, following an extensive investigation, 10 members of a notorious motorcycle club have been arrested.

Arvada Police headed the investigation with assistance from federal and local law enforcement organizations across the country. The arrests took place in four states.

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  1. Something to think about… he says “ we knew it was gonna be a big thing these guys were driving around shooting at each other on a public street.” Hummmm… shooting at EACH OTHER, sounds like self defense when it’s put that way, don’t it? And the plot thickens!!! Stop taking shit at face value. Research all sides before opening your mouth big enough to swallow your own foot.


  2. I wounder if old boy was wearing his big ass red shirt on said night. Maybe he should have minded his own. Finished his ciggerette and took his ass back inside. When things like this happen and your not apart of either side just stay the the fuck outta the way. Cause if you wanna get involved….they gonna involve ya.


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