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Senior biker bosses has pleaded with a magistrate not to delay his bail hearing

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One of Australia’s most senior bikie bosses has pleaded with a magistrate not to delay his bail hearing as he launches a bid to get out of jail.

Hells Angels president Luke Moloney was arrested by Echo taskforce detectives earlier this month and charged over an alleged bashing in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir.

Two other patched members, including Kane Montebello, were also arrested over the alleged violent incident.

Police will allege a man in his 20s suffered upper body injuries when he was assaulted at the Reservoir home.

Mr Moloney, who also heads up the Angels’ relatively new City outfit, was charged with intentionally causing serious injury, recklessly causing serious injury, assault, assault with a weapon, extortion, possessing a schedule four poison and committing an indictable offence while on bail.

His co-accused, Mr Montebello, also appeared in court on Thursday and faces several offences, including intentionally/recklessly causing serious injury, assault and extortion.

Lawyers for both men flagged that their clients would apply for bail on Thursday, but magistrate Robert Stary adjourned the hearing until later next month.

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He cited several reasons for the delay, including that Mr Moloney and Mr Montebello both dialled into Thursday’s hearing at Melbourne’s Magistrate Court via phone, which was “completely unsatisfactory”, Mr Stary told the court.

“The alleged offences are of a serious nature. If I am to access this case (properly) … this will require cross-examination of the informant,” he said.

“And I need an opportunity to read the materials properly.”

Mr Stary also said that he wanted all parties to appear in person, though the accused will appear via video link.

When the magistrate informed the two accused that he would be adjourning their hearing, Mr Moloney piped up.

“Is there any chance we can do this today at all?” he asked.

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