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Gypsy Jokers MC Vs Antifa – Antifa Looses

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Gunfire erupted when violent Antifa militants appear to have picked a fight with a notorious Portland, Ore. area biker gang.

Antifa lost.

At least one person ended up dead and five others were injured in Portland Saturday night.

Portland Police are still sorting things out, but what we know is that police were called on Saturday night shortly after 8 p.m to a disturbance that quickly escalated into gunfire.

Portland Police said, “this incident started with a confrontation between an armed homeowner and armed protesters.”

As Portland Police Public Information Officer Lt. Nathan Sheppard attempted to update the media on the shooting melee in Northeast Portland, two known Antifa militants took over the news conference, commandeered the microphones, and began blaming the police for failing to do their jobs to protect them.

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According to Antifa protesters who took over the presser, identified by the Post Millennial as “Hailley Nolan and Dustin Ferreira,” the previous night their comrades had gone to confront members of  notorious Portland area biker gang the Gypsy Jokers. Police say at least one of the Antifa militants was armed (which they usually are).

Nolan, who appeared to have trouble breathing, said it was the Portland Police Bureau’s fault when a woman died in the shooting melee and five others were wounded.

“They are sending Gypsy Jokers to kidnap us,” she breathlessly announced. She pointed to Lt. Sheppard and accused the police of encouraging the violence against Antifa, saying “they are sanctioning this violence against us. We are dying. We are trying to peacefully protest and they are killing us. And I want to know if any of you care. I want to know if Ted Wheeler cares.” See the video below.

She indicated why they took over the news conference by admitting “we are not going to let them capture the narrative and lie,” as she pointed to the police.

We can understand why. When you’re Antifa and you pick a fight with a biker gang, Antifa looks pretty dumb.

While the media watched, the Antifa goons chased the lieutenant back to his patrol car and attempted to surround it — their favorite trick.

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  1. Black Americans account for 13% of US population
    93% of blacks are killed by other blacks
    1.7% by Police.
    Black lives dont matter to other black people.


  2. Yeah, Real fucking cool to gun down a 60 year old handicapped woman using a cane to walk. Ben Smith should be put out of his misery and that piece of shit has nothing to do with the jokers, just some fucking incel. Shows what no pussy will do to a motherfucker.


  3. You know you won’t publish it because yall are don’t believe in free speech. Fucking weekend warriors.


  4. Also, it makes sense yall would get your info from that fag chink andy ngo (post melliniel). Fucking stupid fucking boomers. It really is true that people lose their BS meter when they get old.


  5. Expect the Liberal Left (ANTIFA) to use the power of various Deep State government agencies to oppose their enemies.


  6. Facts used to mean something, and bikers should be above lies. There was no Antifa Gypsy Jokers thing in portland. How that story started is a circus that keeps making money for muckrakers and Twitter and Facebook. The fact is, this was one whacko who shot a 60 year old woman, and a few kids, before being shot in the gut. He has nothing to do with bikers, and everyone should be ashamed for thinking anything good happened here. BTW – The Antifa thing – this wasn’t even Antifa – just some local protesters protesting – get this – against no-knock warrants….Anyone with potential legal issues should be able to get behind that message.


  7. So what really happened? Was there an ANTIFA-MC clash or not? If so, how do we citizens give our support to anyone including 1% MCs willing to stand up against these sadistic crybaby neo-bolshevik bully tools of the new world order? Perhaps we should take a lesson from history: the Nationalists in Weimar era Germany won support from the public because nobody else would stand against street bolshevik terrorists. Bikers may be some rough guys but they DO NOT terrorize or abuse citizens as ANTIFA and BLM do. From all appearances, bikers are happy enough to to be left alone to live their choice of lives, ANTIFA and BLM are the opposite, being parasites seeking absolute power overall aspects of your life and of course, the Genocide of whites and Christians. What are the possibilities bikers could forget their petty differences and unite against the common threat of World Order Communism? Am I wasting my breath on this crowd or am I getting some resonance out there?


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