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What Exactly Does This Motorcycle Riding Club Do For Kids Being Bullied?

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Being a kid is difficult, the world is moving so fast and you’re trying to do your best to learn and prepare yourself for adulthood. Sometimes there are things or people that make childhood even more difficult and one motorcycle riding club in East Texas wants to help kids that are dealing with bullies in hopes to stop bullying all together.

The president and founder of Slums RC (Brandon Freeman) posted on social media recently reaching out to Lindale, Texas parents specifically telling parents that he would be more than happy to help assist with bullying situations. Any child that needs assistance becomes part of the Slums RC family so they know people care about them.

What Exactly Does This Motorcycle Riding Club Do For Kids Being Bullied?

A lot of parents were wondering what exactly happens if a kid is being bullied and needs assistance. Brandon was quick to respond to each parent saying the majority of what they do is listen to the kid, as sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone other than their parents. The goal is to stop bullying, so they listen and support the kid being bullied. In the past they have gone to schools to help educate, but it depends on the situation. They like to focus on building up kids confidence.

The easiest way to get assistance is to reach out to Brandon specifically and discuss the issue, just click here and send a message. This isn’t about getting a kid in trouble, it’s about raising confidence and helping kids through problems they are facing.

It’s pretty awesome that a group of riders are reaching out to the community to support kids that are going through something tough. Nice job, Slums RC.
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