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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Danny D Low, a fellow creator and co-host of, “The Neutral Zone” posted a very interesting video. It was titled, “1%ers / What Happened?” I’ll put the link below the article so you can check it out. 

 The video is a perfect representation of what independents and other club members are thinking. People are sick and tired of 1%ers thinking they run rough shots over the entire biker scene. In my response video, 1%ers ARE HYPOCRITES | GODS YOU’RE NOT. I agree 100% with this argument. I’m a retired 1%er, so I know a little bit about what I’m talking about here. When I was in the club we never went around patch policing. We had too many problems of our own to be running around and chasing others. The internet has amplified this ideal that everyone has to go to 1%ers to start up a motorcycle club. This was the tradition in days past, but nowadays people have evolved and said no, “we’re going to do our own thing and you’re not telling us we can’t do it.” 

 I was once one of those creators that backed the tradition of going to your dominant for a blessing, but now that I’ve heard it was getting out of control and used as a means to make money, I’m not for it anymore. What do you mean to make money? There are credible reports from very credible people that some 1% motorcycle clubs are extorting clubs each and every month. This means to those that don’t know, “making them pay monthly dues to exist.”

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 Let’s be real and honest. If clubs are doing that to other clubs it’s pure and simply gangster shit. I’ve been a part of the propaganda machine for clubs, “we’re not a gang but a club,” shit is overrated and intended for those that are low educated about the scene.  I guess when you start evolving in your thinking you become more aware of what you’re pushing as a creator. When you have clubs shooting at each other it has to be called out for what it is, “gang shit.” 

 My honesty is something that many people do not like, this is especially true about my willingness to tell both sides of the story. My god if you don’t talk well of clubs people give that hate lol. Shit, I have entire podcasts dedicated to bashing on me lol. By the way, keep doing it because my numbers keep climbing from all the free advertising morons. 

 Back to the point though, 1%ers you’re truly pissing a lot of people off in the biker scene. You may not care, but money does the talking. When you’re selling less and less support gear, less and less tickets to parties, you’ll probably end up changing your mind on how you treat other bikers. Hell, you’ve already got different types of confederations starting up to go against you. But hey, do you. I know a lot of clubs are starting to do them and a lot of independents can give a rats ass about what you’re doing. Check out my video, you will get more of my thoughts on this subject. Also Check out Danny D lows Video Until next time, #ROCKON

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