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MOTORCYCLE CLUBS DON’T GET IT TWISTED ,To be clear, we’re a biker news organization, one that provides information to the biker scene. This news could be good or it could be bad. It’s not our fault either way if clubs are put in a bad light. One must remember it’s the actions of those in the news that caused their clubs to be featured. It’s also needed to be said, we’re not here to protect any club’s reputation to the general public nor are we owned by any particular club. Our mission is simple, bring the happenings in the biker scene to those who wish to get in the know. So don’t get it mixed up, we will have who we want on our programs we feel will give entertainment to our listeners. End of Story

00:00 Opening of show
01:00 Big LIVE Show with myself and Black Dragon
03:01 If we feel people are interested, we will have those guests on
06:15 Why I brought on a guest from Iron Order
10:00 Why I do protocol on Tik TOk and whats a 90’s perspective

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