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Police are appealing for footage of an alleged motorcycle gang attack on a motorist

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Police are appealing for footage of an alleged motorcycle gang attack on a motorist near Rangiriri in rural Waikato.

A man remains in a critical but stable condition after he was assaulted on the Waikato Expressway on Friday afternoon.

Police on Saturday clarified that the wounded man was not dragged from his vehicle, as was previously mentioned by police.

“We now understand he stopped his vehicle and got out of it immediately prior to being assaulted by a group of people,” says Detective Senior Sergeant Ross Patterson.

Police also said no firearms were involved.

“We are working hard to piece together what happened prior to our victim being assaulted, and to ultimately identify those directly involved,” says Detective Senior Sergeant Patterson.

Police want to thank those who have already uploaded footage of the incident. Any recordings can be uploaded via

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“If you’ve not done so, please take a few minutes to upload what you captured on either your phone or dashcam.

“While we have investigators reviewing the information provided by the community so far, we want to ensure we have access to as much footage as possible.”

The incident followed reports of an altercation involving a number of people and vehicles, including a significant number of motorcycles.

It comes as drivers describe seeing a large convoy of Tribesmen gang members pass through Hamilton on Friday, less than an hour before the alleged assault.

One driver, who asked to remain anonymous, witnessed gang members block off several lanes of a city roundabout to allow the motorcycle convoy to pass through en masse.

“They just acted with complete impunity. About two or three guys got off their bikes and stood in the middle of the road to block traffic. Then about 100 bikes just roared through the roundabout,” the man said.

“It was scary and pretty menacing, and they were all wearing the Tribesmen patch. The guys who jumped off their bikes were eyeballing everyone. You could tell they were looking for trouble.

“When I heard about the man being dragged out of his car at Rangiriri by bikers, I knew exactly which crew was involved.”

Another driver told Stuff he witnessed Tribesmen gang members riding north into Hamilton near Tamahere. He described seeing bikers weave in and out of traffic and speed through road works.

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