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The current leader has been identified as Robert ‘Big Bob’ Francis, who is from Virginia. Back in August 2021, The Gangster Report said “Francis was hand-picked by his predecessor, Keith (Conan the Barbarian) Richter.” The 62-year-old Francis reportedly served “as one of Richter’s most-trusted advisers and top enforcers.” Dubbed as the “good cop” during Richter’s regime, he is reportedly believed to prefer a more low-key approach over his former boss.

Reports say Francis was one of the 73 Pagans arrested over the infamous 2002 brawl with the Hell’s Angels in Long Island. It’s unclear if Francis spent any time in jail over that arrest. Beyond that, little is known about Francis, who doesn’t appear to have a presence on social media. Francis was handed the role after Richter was arrested for secretly carrying a loaded gun during a New Jersey traffic stop.

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