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Do not call Twitch a 1%er Reaction to Black Dragon

In this video I will go in depth about the interview with Twitch, the way it was conducted as well as the feelings Black Dragon had towards it. This isn’t going to be a back and forth, everyone has their own opinions. Black Dragon and I don’t see eye to eye on this and that’s alright. That’s what a debate is supposed to be all about.

00:00 Intro and discussion to Twitch interview
03:49 I refuse to let someone name drop or put a former club in a bad light
05:04 Ah the know it alls
09:02 Professional my rearend
13:03 He put his old club in danger
18:02 What is there to apologize for
18:51 He should thank the old man upstairs
20:14 Once and for all clubs are not gangs
21:18 Where Black Dragon and I differ on things
22:46 Things are serious in real life

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