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The Brick City Punishers LEMC is part of a worldwide “brotherhood of law enforcement officers, court officers, correctional officers

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If a group of Harley-Davidson riders rumble up wearing black leather vests with a cracked skull on the back and the name Punishers LEMC, you might tend to get a bit uneasy.

But Dan Caputo, president of the Brick City/Ocala Chapter of the Punishers LEMC, or Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, says relax, it’s all good.

“We’re the good guys,” said Caputo, whose road name is “Jester.”

The Brick City Punishers LEMC is part of a worldwide “brotherhood of law enforcement officers, court officers, correctional officers, and other justice system professionals, EMS, firefighters, military and other like-minded individuals” in an “old school motorcycle club” that began in 1999 in New York, according to

Members of the Brick City Punishers LEMC include Mark Graham, son of the late Ocala Police Department Chief Greg Graham.

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Caputo was joined in a recent interview by Ed “Kreeper” Budd, a retired first responder of 25 years and formerly in the restaurant trade, and Matt “Guillotine” Taylor of the Citrus County Punishers LEMC, known as the Flying Eagle Club.

Caputo indicated in a tri-county event, including Marion, Citrus and the Leesburg area club, riders could number “in the 100s,” although number of members for the Ocala group has not been released.

Jimmy Bohanon is president of a second Ocala chapter of the Punishers LEMC, which opened in March. The new group is called the Fort King Chapter and its fundraising efforts are planned to benefit local charitable groups including the Boys & Girls Club of Marion County.

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  1. Hard to tell the good guys from the bad these days. I still don’t understand why law enforcement proclaims 1%ers and other 3 piece patch clubs as gangs, while at the same time dressing up and acting like them after work hours and weekends. It doesn’t make sense. Every biker, legitimate club and major bike event should turn their back on these lemc frauds.


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