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1,000 bikers rolled into Hollister for their motorcycles to be blessed on Palm Sunday

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On Sunday, about 1,000 bikers rolled into Hollister for their motorcycles to be blessed on Palm Sunday. It’s a tradition hosted by the Top Hatters club and has been going strong for 29 years.

“You want to get your bike blessed. You want be safe on the road, have the Lord protect you on your travels,” said Robert Poelker, Top Hatter club chairman.

Bikers say it’s a day that’s not just a blessing for them but also for the community, bringing in some much-needed business. Bike event promoter, Bob Richards said, “It’s a blessing for businesses as well in this area, in the Hollister area. As you turn around, everything equates to revenue and things of that nature.”

Before the event, bikers first gathered outside Hollister Power Sports for food and music. Richards said bikers came from all over the state to attend.

“Out of central, southern and Northern California, but there are people that travel from Reno,” Richards said. “I came from Sacramento this morning.”

The group then rode their bikes to Sacred Heart Church for the blessing, riding under an arch of palms while being sprinkled with holy water, all in hopes that it’ll bring safety for going into the riding season.

“Especially nowadays with cell phones and with all the distractions you have and all the people on the road,” Richards explained. “Keep you safe from the road gremlins and all the other things that happen when you’re out there riding your motorcycle.”

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