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Convicted after a biker gang raid in 2018 has been sentenced to seven years and three months in jail

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A Brockville man convicted after a biker gang raid in 2018 has been sentenced to seven years and three months in jail, roughly half the time recommended by the prosecution.

Justice Brian Abrams said in Brockville court Monday that while Tom Bell chose a lifestyle of organized crime, he accepted Bell’s remorse was genuine.

“I think it more likely than not that the criminal courts have seen the last of Mr. Bell as an accused person,” said the judge.

Abrams had less charitable words for another convicted biker set to be sentenced at the same time, but who did not show up in court.

Both Crown and defence lawyers learned Monday morning that Norman Rosbottom, Jr. remained in Penetanguishene, where he is being held at the Central North Correctional Centre, rather than show up for sentencing. A visibly irritated Abrams said another sentencing date has to be set, and strongly hinted police should consider charging Rosbottom for the no-show.

In December, Bell, 45, was found guilty of participating in a criminal organization, directing the commission of an indictable offence for a criminal organization, assault causing bodily harm, assault, home invasion and robbery, and kidnapping.

Bell has been out on bail under strict conditions.

In December, police said the convictions capped a process that began in 2016 with reports of activity by the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in the city. What started with reports of biker activity in 2016 led to a more focused investigation in 2018, and in December of that year, city police, with the help of the Ontario Provincial Police’s Biker Enforcement Unit, the Belleville Police Service and Kingston Police Service, executed a search warrant at 283 Park Street and Apartment 17 at 16 Cartier Court, in relation to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and an Outlaws support club, the Dead Eyes Motorcycle Club.


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