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They didn’t set out to build a legend. They were just tinkering around. Trying to find a way to make a living out of a hobby. None of them dared dream that the little contraptions they were building in an old woodshed behind the parents’ family home would become the consummate symbol of the American success story. They were just trying to put an engine on a bicycle.
William Harley and the brothers Arthur Davidson and Walter Davidson rolled out their first version of the motor-bicycle in the summer of 1903. It didn’t have enough power to climb the modest hills around Milwaukee, but it was a start. Enough of a start for the men to form a company, Harley-Davidson, and to build more of their gasoline-powered bicycles—intent on giving those automobile companies a run for their money.

00:00 Why does Harley Davidson stand for Freedom, Independence, Passion
01:16 Did the founders of the company know it would grow into the brand it did
03:51 When did Harley-Davidsons start becoming the motorcycle of choice
06:50 I’ve always kept a Harley in the garage
11:15 People are discouraged by the company because of management
14:04 Harley Davidson is going to have to keep up technology wise

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